The Monsters of Zark (aka MZ)

The Monsters of Zark is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common gaming needs through a jointly-managed and democratically-controlled enterprise. There are no admins, no "select few" who decide the group's fate. There is no organizational hierarchy, and therefore there are no ranks. Each and every member has an equal share in deciding how the group is run.

The system of administration is simple and democratic. Everyone votes, and everyone's vote holds equal weight. Changes, such as a the adoption of a new member, must be sponsored by at least three members. A sponsored proposal is put to the entire membership via poll. To pass, the proposal must be approved by at least two-thirds of those that vote within a 5-day period.

While its true that all votes are equal and ranks don't exist, newer members are encouraged to remain open-minded to the suggestions and opinions of long-standing members. These elder members speak from the unique perspective of experience, and the membership is encouraged to seek their council and listen to what they have to say.

The MZ Network (aka MZnet)

The MZ Network is a collection of independently owned and operated gaming servers and supporting resources such as TeamSpeak and the Monsters of Zark forum. Like a shopping mall that contains a number of independent stores that cater to various customer needs, the servers in MZnet exist to provide members and guests a wide variety of ways to game and keep in touch with one another.

To be a member of MZnet, a server must be owned and managed by one or more MZ members. The owners grant free use of the server to any and all MZ members, and optionally to the general gaming public. In return, MZnet gives the server an advertisement on the Monsters of Zark web site, and, if warranted, a dedicated TeamSpeak channel and/or discussion group on the MZ forum.

The rules, game types, mods and mutators, and so forth are at the discretion of the server operator. This is intended to expand the variety of gaming experiences available to members and visitors. For example, while the Monsters of Zark might consider itself to be primarily a "Run-n-Gun" clan, it is perfectly plausible that one of the MZnet servers might offer a "Sniper Only" style of play to cater to folks who enjoy an occasional game of that type.

A "Clan Without Admins" Still Needs Admins

It's a fact of life that game servers and web sites require technically adept administrators to keep them operational and healthy. Call them "techs" if you prefer. Members who are admins on one or more MZnet servers are simply custodians of server configurations and game rules according to the directions of the server operators. These folks are not "clan admins" in the traditional sense, and they do not collectively decide how the Monsters of Zark clan operates. In short, the distinction between MZ (a fine group of people that manages itself) and MZnet (a fine group of gaming servers that necessarily require administration) is an important one

A Message from the Founders

The Monsters of Zark as an organization has grown beyond anything we could have anticipated when we started back on Halloween, 2003. We're all amazed at the talent and diversity we've amassed over the years. Most importantly, we've made a whole lot of friends, and we hope you've made some new friends, too. Our sincere thanks go out to all the MZ members, our valued friends from sister clans, and the regular visitors that have made this such a wonderful place to game and socialize. If you're new to this neighborhood, don't forget to duck because someone out there is aiming for you, and we encourage you to "Be Nice, Play Hard, and Have Fun".